Competent and committed people enable Metso Outotec’s result-driven and respectful culture

-Metso Outotec is a global workplace where teams work in close collaboration to bring results for our customers. Good leadership is a key success factor in making this happen. Employee engagement drives performance and customer success. Agerus offers us an excellent platform for supporting our approach in developing our performance and engagement of our people.

- Our first impression after our first global survey was amazement how easy, quick and simple the tool is to use. We are very pleased with the usability and how easily we can get different reports and comparisons from the Agerus tool. The tool is also helping with the handling of the results, showing clearly where the important improvement areas for each team are.

-As dialogue is the key to improvements we are pleased with the very good visuals and tips on where and how to direct the dialogue. This facilitates not only the dialogue with the teams and employees, but also helps in finding the right improvement activities for each team.