What we do, no one else can do

We’ll help you develop the organisation’s performance, efficiency and health

Agerus offers training to those who want to develop performance, efficiency and health by using our scientific method. We also offer expert consultations that help you change your organisation from operating with a focus on already attained achievements such as sales, sick-leave levels and other “lagging indicators”, to driving your organisation with a proactive focus on “leading indicators”. These are the prerequisites that make positive results possible. Putting it simply, we’ll help you run your organisation with your eyes on the road ahead rather than in the rear-view mirror!

We also train and support a growing network of certified partners that help customers develop by using our method and digital tools.
All development of Agerus’ method and models are done in collaboration with universities, colleges and individual researchers. We cab proudly say that all the knowledge we offer our customers is research-based!

Programs for those who want to develop

Agerus offers both tailored programs as well as open programs, including leadership training, diploma training for customers’ internal specialists, and training during implementation of Agerus’ method.

Partner programs for those who want to be able to support

Agerus has a growing network of partners who work with our method and web-based tools to support their customers’ needs for development and imporved results. In a program where theory meets practice, our consultant partners gain the necessary knowledge to deliver high-quality services.

Our expert consultants help you along the way

Support from experts while working with Agerus’ method is offered during planning, implementation, execution and follow-up. The expert support is aimed at management, responsible process leaders, line managers and employees. Agerus provides their own experts as well as convey support from partners’ experts.

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