Sustainable performance

With the Agerus platform, performance shows lasting improvement based on a scientific method. Through systematic work, managers and employees together develop the prerequisites necessary to do a really good job. The effects are seen in the form of higher efficiency and customer satisfaction and employees experience a higher degree of job satisfaction and feel better. The result is an attractive workplace and a strong brand for both customers and in the market.

Performing employees are satisfied employees

Many are focusing on getting satisfied employees. The idea is that those who are satisfied also perform well – that satisfaction is what creates good performance. But modern work life research actually reveals that it is just the opposite, that it is the achievements that create the feeling of satisfaction. Therefore, our focus is on creating sustainable performance, so that employees can deliver on their assignment and achieve their goals. The consequence will be employees with a high degree of job satisfaction and well-being.

Sustainable performance leads to better health

Work life research shows that we humans experience pleasure and well-being when we perform well and achieve our goals. Put simply, we feel good when we do a good job. If, on the other hand, we have insufficient prerequisites – if we feel we cannot perform – we feel frustration, unease, lower well-being and can become ill. We focus on creating the right conditions for sustainable performance, because then both the organisation and its employees do better.

Sustainable performance require more than just engagement

Engagement is a major trend in the HR world, it almost seems to be the solution to all the organisation’s problems. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. On its own, engagement is not enough to perform sustainably and will not be long-lasting. Without all the factors for sustainable performance in place, engagement will decrease and eventually be replaced by frustration. In a good work situation, all prerequisites for performance need to be strong. In that work situation, engagement is an important part – but far from the only one.

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We are driven by the desire to help people and organisations develop their prerequisites for performance, because we know that strong prerequisites lead to sustainable performances and fantastic results. 

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