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With the help of Agerus’ research-based platform and guiding index managers and employees develop their performance and the efficiency of the organisation.
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Customer testimonials

It goes without saying that improved performance increases efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitability. But it also strengthens engagement, health and the brand. That is what our research has shown. And our customers confirm it:


“Our leadership is very much based on a coaching approach where dialogue is important. For us at Systembolaget, leadership is about creating the right conditions for the employees. That is why Agerus, with its focus on the assignment, the prerequisites for performance and the dialogue, fits so well as support for our leaders.”

Tobias Frohm,
Director E-commerce

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Metso Outotec

“Agerus offers us an excellent platform for supporting our approach in developing our performance and engagement of our people. We are very pleased with the usability and how easily we can get different reports and comparisons from the Agerus tool. The tool is also helping with the handling of the results, showing clearly where the important improvement areas for each team are.”

Johanna Ahokas, Director, Talent and Engagement

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“One of our most important key performance indicators in this context is the customer satisfaction index (CSI), and working with the Agerus method has had a direct and positive impact. The dialogue that has emerged with the help of Agerus has involved and engaged our staff in a way that has definitely affected the customer experience.”

Henrik Månsson,
Head of HR strategy

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Akademiska hus

“An important goal for us is to have employees who are committed to their job. We achieve this by providing people with the right prerequisitess. This is also the backbone of the Agerus method. Fundamentally, there is a strong belief that people can think on their own and that most people really want to do a good job. “

Marie Hallander-Larsson,
HR director


“Classic surveys follow an organisational structure. We increasingly work in a way that is agile, team-based and cross-functional. The dialogue on sustainable performance can be used in the temporary groups and projects outside the line organisation in order to help clarify what the group’s assignment is. ”

Daniela Eriksson, HR director

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Quintus Technologies

“We are in a market that is constantly changing through customer needs and new shifts in technology. This means that we as a company must constantly adapt our organization, roles and competencies in the business. All this is complex and has to work across different cultures, but with the help of Agerus we manage to create a common way to capture and deal with these issues.”

Pamela Ernlund, global HR-partner

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We are driven by the desire to help people and organisations develop their prerequisites for performance, because we know that strong prerequisites lead to sustainable performances and fantastic results.