A research-based platform for real-time measurement, analysis and development of the organisation.

Agerus’ platform helps managers and employees develop their operation and achieve better results. The platform has everything you can expect from a modern development tool: high security, intuitive interface, built-in user support and lots of smart features. Developing the organisation becomes easy.

Take control of performance

The Agerus platform makes it possible to strengthen the most important prerequisites for performance. By proactively strengthening these factors, efficiency and other key performance indicators increase, as well as job satisfaction and engagement. You gain control of your organisation’s performance.

Unique indices lead the way

We know through research that Agerus’ scientific indices have a direct correlation with the organisation’s key performance indicators. The indices show how well the most important factors for performance are fulfilled and what needs to be addressed in order to improve the KPIs. A unique diagnostic tool for development at the individual, group and strategic levels.

Makes it easier to be a manager and a leader

The Agerus platform provides managers and other leaders with a robust tool for building effective teams and executing their assignments. Lack of clarity on goals and responsibilities can easily be spotted and remedied. Obstacles for employee performance can be dealt with quickly. The process creates trust and results in an organisation that works better and is more efficient.

Customise your development process

How the development work is to be implemented must be tailored to fit each organisation. Agerus’ platform is flexible and makes it possible to create a process that suits every customer. We work closely with our customers, which often results in joint development projects.

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We are driven by the desire to help people and organisations develop their prerequisites for performance, because we know that strong prerequisites lead to sustainable performances and fantastic results. 

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