We help people and organisations perform better and feel better.

At Agerus, we want to see a sustainable work life where companies and organisations all over the world have a culture that meets the needs of both people and the organisation and where set goals are achieved. To this end, Agerus provides a platform for developing performance in a sustainable way. The platform is based on a scientific method for performance development.

Research from Stockholm University

Agerus was founded to make ground-breaking discoveries in work life research accessible to all companies and organisations. Agerus platform is based on research by Agerus co-founder Ph.D. Pär Petterson together with Professor Ingemar Torbiörn at Stockholm University, among others. Based on this foundational research, the method has been implemented in hundreds of projects with clients , and consequently a functional concept for practical use in businesses and organisations has been developed.

More information about Agerus’ research and view on performance culture can be found in this book, From individual to profitability by Ph.D. Pär Pettersson, Anders Nordmark and Professor Ingemar Torbiörn.


Agerus was founded in 2002 to develop a digital platform based on research about sustainable performance. After a few years, the first version was launched, which immediately sparked great interest in the market. Today, Agerus’ platform is used in over 60 countries spread across all continents of the world. In 2015, Agerus Oy was started in Finland.

Chairman of the Board: Viktor Söderberg

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Sales manager: John Eriksson

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