The market’s sharpest development tool

Agerus offers a number of digital tools for development of performance, efficiency and health. The tools meet the highest demands of functionality, user-friendliness, accessibility, performance and security.

Agerus Worklife

Agerus Worklife is a tool which offers optimal support for working with Agerus’ method. It brings together employees, managers and management in the daily development work towards set goals. All employees get involved in a development process which focuses on the prerequisites that govern our performance, efficiency and health.

Agerus Review

Agerus Review provides complete digital support for creating a developing dialogue between employee and manager. It is a powerful tool for employees’ development and to lift an entire department or group in the direction of the set goals. The tool is based on Agerus’ method for improved performance, efficiency and health at work.

Agerus Survey

Agerus Survey is a measurement and analysis tool that can be used for all types of internal measurements, e.g. employee surveys. By using Agerus’ unique scientific indices you get a clear view of what condition the organisation is in in terms of prerequisites for performance, high efficiency and good health.

Agerus Screening

Agerus Screening is a unique tool, developed together with leading performance and work environment scientists. Using our tools, we help you to quickly and easily see whether you have the right prerequisites to perform at the highest level.  Read more here >

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