The shortcut to customer satisfaction, employee engagement and store sales

When you walk into a hotel and the staff is talking on the phone and no one takes notice of you standing in front of them… Or when you go into a store and floor staff don’t acknowledge you… When your expectations and reality don’t add up you feel disappointed. The chance that the place you have walked into gets your recommendation or custom is slim…

What should it be like then? Spotting a customer and greeting them properly is easy in theory but requires an organisation that is on their toes. If you want to create prerequisites for meeting customers in a way that encourages contact-making, communication, questions and service you have already created the foundation for a thriving store. But many shops make making a sale more difficult than it actually is.

There are many ways to measure what a customer thought about their last visit. But when we know the customer’s thoughts, how do we proceed? Agerus’ method and system help you determine what actions need to be made in your specific shop in order for you to develop your sales.

One of Agerus’ partner consultants, Niclas Rasmusson at Salesoogle, shares his experience:

By using Agerus’ tools and method, we succeeded in pinpointing what the real challenge in terms of improving customer contact in a larger store was. Before using the tool, the idea was to implement a program concerning general store leadership. But our survey showed that what was actually needed was to create a development program to establish and strengthen participation in the conversion rate and average purchase amongst all employees. The result was the best festive shopping season in the history of the store. And this in a store that had seen a declining trend for the past 7 years no less! It is about finding out what prerequisites employees have before putting in actions. Everything starts with the assignment – what should employees achieve? This is then used for employees to answer if they understand the assignment and can act towards achieving it with the prerequisites they perceive themselves to have. This creates inclusion – the store, employees and even customers flourish!

A structured approach where the more important prerequisites for customer satisfaction are measured yield clear results in the form of pinpointing what needs to be changed, increased employee engagement, and a quicker and more enjoyable journey towards improvement. Contact Agerus to hear more about how you can develop customer satisfaction and sales in your stores!