Systembolaget – Service Company of the Year works with Agerus

Systembolaget, the govenment owned alcohol retail monopoly in Sweden, is yet again made Service Company of the Year. The work that has gone in to Systembolaget’s achievement was shared with more than 100 participants at Agerus’ latest breakfast seminar.

Since 2012, Systembolaget’s Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) has developed strongly. It is the result of extensive changes to the overall assignment “customer interaction which impresses”. This is an assignment that comprises Systembolaget’s 5,000 employees who have 120 million customer meetings combined each year.


Tobias Frohm, HR-direktör, Systembolaget

Tobias Frohm, HR director, Systembolaget

Tobias Frohm, HR Director at Systembolaget, stressed that an important part of the change process was to change focus from traditional employee surveys to creating clarity about the mission and creating the right prerequisites within the team.

“We are proud to have been part of Systembolaget’s success story, and that Tobias wanted to come and share it means a lot to us” said Julian Langlee, CEO at Agerus.

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