A health-check of your organisation

Develop the organisation’s performance through a simple test

Your methodical journey towards creating a strong and healthy organisation begins here 

Agerus Screening is a unique tool, developed with leading performance and work environment researchers. With this tool we can easily help you to see if you have the prerequisites to performa at your best. If not, we give you a guideline based on the analysis. You will immediately see what actions needs to be taken.

How it works

We teach you to interpret and analyse the organisation’s prerequisites for performing really well, based on a solid and scientifically certified method. This gives your organisation a big advantage: you can see what strengths you need to maintain and what weaknesses you have to work on to avoid any unplesant surprises in key areas such as customer satisfaction, productivity, health, etc. We often say that we give you the ability to run your business with your eyes on the road ahead rather than looking in the rear-view mirror at results already achieved. You get a unique insight in how to develop the organisation’s future results!

The analysis is presented to you and your management team in person. You also receive an action plan, guidelines on actions and measures that can be implemented to provide employees with even better prerequisites for performing well. We give you a basis for decision-making based on the condition of your organisation – you could call it your company’s health-check!  And, at Agerus, we firmly believe that health is important. It is something we will happily talk about more. Welcome to contact us. 

Target group:
Managers and the management team

Introductory price $2200 excl. VAT

Presented during a management meeting

To be mutually agreed, approximately two weeks post screening

Our unique screening provides you with a quick analysis of the organisation’s prerequisites for performance. The screening is developed to quickly identify the organisation’s needs, the prerequisites that need to be developed for the organisation to perform better, as well as to clarify what needs to be maintained.

Happy Companies

Understanding the organisation’s needs is the single most important prerequisite to develop a thriving organisation. Decades of research has given us a unique insight on how you can develop an organisation where people are happier and perform and feel better. Here are some of the insights a screening can give you:

1. You get a scientifically validated overview of the organisation’s performance culture
2. You get an analysis of the organisation’s capacity to perform
3. We teach you how to look for the organisation’s requirements to perform at optimal capacity
4. We teach you to identify risks within key areas such as customer satisfaction, productivity, etc.
5. We show you to most important supportive actions that can develop the organisation’s performance.

Agerus Screening in three steps

1We perform a  screening, a ”health-check” of the organisation’s or the team’s prerequisites for doing a good job.

2Our experts investigate and examine whether your organisation or team has the rights prerequisites for developing a sustainable performance culture. 

3A strategic analysis is presented to the management group, showing how you create sustainable performances. The analysis includes guidelines and an action plan with suggested activities that can develop the organisation’s efficiency and job satisfaction.

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