Five verbs to improve your organisation

-“We believe that something as simple as five verbs, “Will-Know-Can-May-Should”, is the key to success. If you understand and make use of these five verbs in the everyday work situation, well, then you have the prerequisites for creating a good performance culture within your organisation. It doesn’t have to more difficult than that, says Anders Nordmark, head of AGERUS Academy.

Anders Nordmark

Anders Nordmark

Our method and IT-system are centred around these five verbs: will, know, can, may, should. We’ve done the scientific research and created an explanatory model, linking it to these verbs, to explain why some people, teams and businesses are high performing while others are not. Now we want to help organisations and the public sector to get more out of using Agerus’ method! We’ve therefore created Agerus Academy.

Agerus Academy supports success

Agerus Academy focuses on expanding our customer’s knowledge of Agerus’ approach and method. In work environments where our five verbs are lacking we see ill-health, increased sick-leave and frustration. We also see that personal and company-wide goals are not reached.

We know from experience that training and knowledge creates the best prerequisites for customers to do well both better and faster. Agerus Academy offers training based on our scientific research. They are practical, fun and educational. All to enable customers to create a strong performance culture in their organisation. How it all fits together? That’s what we want to teach you, Anders continues.

Learning for life

Anders Nordmark started out as a theologian and priest but switched to working with leadership development and personal coaching, including being responsible for leadership development at the ICA group. These days Anders is an expert consultant at Agerus Academy. He firmly believes that by completing Agerus Academy training you gain a platform, not just for work and leadership but also for life.

“Many people are surprised by how much fun it is to learn about performance culture, and come away eager to apply it to their own situation. And we know that our customers who undertake training via Agerus Academy are those who go on to see the best results.”

It is important that the training relates to the customer’s everyday situation as this translates to the best results. Performance development should be enjoyable as well as provide the customer with knowledge and benefits for life. We can tailor training based on your needs.

Just because you have bought a piece of furniture and read the instructions, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can build it. The same applies when it comes to creating a performance culture. Agerus Academy offers support post-training should it be needed.

“We are here to teach, and after various projects have been put in place, we’re also here to support during improvement work. We’re a safety net for our customers. And we want our customers to reach their goals.”

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