Agerus equals science

We know why some perform better than others

Agerus was established with the aim of bringing ground-breaking discoveries in Swedish worklife research to companies and organisations. For ten years, researchers investigated the secret of good performance and health. The results showed that when a few unique prerequisites were met efficiency increased, sick leave decreased and key performance indicators were positively affected. We had found the key to profitable job satisfaction.

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Learning to understand the needs of the organisation is arguably the most important prerequisite for developing a thriving organisation. You can now begin your journey by performing a quick screening of your entire organisation with a simple test. Read more about how to get started here 

Science’s sharpest development tool

Agerus offers a number of digital tools for development of performance, efficiency and health by using our scientific method. We train and support a growing network of certified partners that help customers develop by using our method and digital tools. Read more about our digital tools

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